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A Handmade Shaped To Fit Wedding Band

-After our client lost her original wedding ring that Martin had previously made for her, she knew where to come for a bespoke replacement band.

-Working from a design that our client had printed out from the Internet, Martin drew over the design showing her how we could adapt the idea and make it suitable for her.

-To keep costs down, we used our clients broken old jewellery, melted it down and formed a wide band, with a cut out to take her existing engagement ring.

-Our client had asked us to also use diamonds left over from her old earrings, we supplied 10 more to enable the diamond set area to travel the full circumference of the band. Once the band had been tried on for size and pre polished, it was time to set.

-Once fully set, Martin completed a final polish and ensured that the engagement ring still sat well into the cut out.

Design sketch

Old gold supplied by our client, melted down and formed into a band

All holes drilled around one edge of the band

Martin sets all diamonds around the circumference of the ring

The polished, diamond set, shaped wedding band

The polished, diamond set, shaped wedding band

The band sits snug against our clients engagement ring

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