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CAD Designed Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

-Our client discovered we could remodel / redesign pieces of jewellery that they no longer wore into a new single piece of jewellery. They gave us two rings and a bangle to work with. They knew they wanted a single ring made but wasn’t sure on the design. After a period of time and many hours searching online for design inspiration, we worked together and decided on a base for the design.

-The ring was going to feature a square pink tourmaline in the centre which we were going to supply. We ordered a selection of these and asked our client to pick her favourite. The majority of her own diamonds were going to be used in the final ring and her existing jewellery material was going to help pay towards the cost of making the ring.

- After measuring the diamonds, Martin then built the design on our Matrix computer design programme. But once we emailed the rendered photographs of the model, she soon realised that it might be too ‘bling’. This wasn’t a problem, we referred back to another ring design taken from the internet inspiration and Martin based his new design on this, taking into account the diamond sizes we had.

-Once our customer loved the design, we priced it in various white materials. She decided on 18ct white gold.

-The casting arrived in three parts. Martin firstly pre polished the casting, then set all of the diamonds in each part of the ring. Once set he soldered all three parts together and set the tourmaline.

-The final stage involved adding beading detail to the white gold and to polish / rhodium the completed ring.

The original pieces of jewellery for redesign

The pink tourmaline chosen by our client

The initial design, computer rendered images. Too bling for our client

After a few changes, the second design

View two of the chosen design

View three of the chosen design

How Martins' cast design arrived to us

Martin beginning the setting of 123 diamonds

The completed tourmaline and diamond ring in 18ct white gold

A side view showing the work involved

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