Hand Making Unique Jewellery Items For You

-Martin Wilde has been hand making jewellery for over 40 years. Since starting his own business in 1989 he has handmade thousands of bespoke items for his clients. Martin hand makes in silver, 9ct /18ct yellow, white and rose gold, 22ct gold, palladium and also platinum. He doesn’t just hand make wearable items of jewellery he also creates bespoke items such as trophies, objet d’art, picture frames and keepsakes.

-Hand making is Martins’ passion and he can make any item from scratch. He will melt and reform metal as well as twisting, bending, carving and sculpturing it. When he has handmade an item he can apply a variety of finishing touches, stone setting, mille grain detail, engraving, as well as polished, textured or oxidised finishes.

-If you would like to discuss having an item handmade by Martin the first step would be to visit our showroom. Whether you have a design in mind or have no specification at all, we will happily advise you. Bring magazine cuttings and sketches in if this helps you explain your requirements. Alternatively contact us via our contact page or email us. If you can provide us with as much detail as possible about your requirements this will help us understand your request.

-We can work out a cost for any design in different metals, this way if the original material in mind costs too much you could go for a less expensive metal, but keep the same design plan. That’s another thing we do, tailor your design to fit your budget.

-If you have metal and stones, which may have sentimental value, these can be used in the new design. The metal will be melted down and combined with new if needed.

-Using your sentimental items and transforming them into a new wearable piece of jewellery is a great idea and if you have stones, of any size and shape, we can also use these in the design.

-Hand making is our speciality, you've come to the right Family Jewellers.

Here are two examples of this method and more can be found on our ‘Commissions’ page.