Commission - The Journey : A Step By Step Process

Remodelled Gold & Stones

Sentimental gold and diamonds made into a one off bespoke pendant.

CAD Designed Remodel Of A Cluster Ring

Sapphire and diamonds reset into a new bespoke ring.

A CAD Designed Diamond Ring

Our client’s diamond reset into a bespoke ring mount.

Remodelled Gem Collection

A selection of stones remounted into a one off ring design.

A Handmade Silver Ring Design

A one off handmade silver ring set with gemstones.

Remodelled Two Tone Gold Chain

Originally a two colour necklace, now an interesting band ring.

Remodelled Gold & Stones

Our client supplied all of the materials and we made a cluster ring for them.

Remodelled Emerald and Diamonds

Remodelled rings combined into one new design.

Diamonds As A Bling Ring

A diamond stud combined with new diamonds and platinum.