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Commission - The Journey : A Step By Step Process

Jewellery Commission. Handmade silver ba gle wth turquoise and moonstone. Jewellery redesigning.

Remodelled Silver & Stones

A mixture of old silver and stones formed this unique bangle.

Jewellery Commission. Jewellery redesigned. Diamond pendant and earrings. Hand made jewellery.

Diamond Set Pendant/Earrings

A three stone ring transformed into a matching pendant & earring set.

Jewellery Commission. Diamond set two gold gold bnd ring. Bespoke handmade item.

Handmade Diamond Band

A mixture of rings, combined and made into a single piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Commission. One off emerald and diamon handmade gold ring.

Remodelled Engagement Ring

Our client’s original ring, remodelled  into a new design.

Jewellery Commission. Sapphire and diamond handmade ring. Bespoke ring.

Remodelled Sapphires & Diamonds

A mixture of sapphires and diamonds, combined into a new unique ring.

Jewellery Commission. CAD CAM ring design. Diamond set.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

A special birthday present. Made in 18ct white gold and set with 12 diamonds.

Jewellery Commission. Handmade sapphire heart shaped pendant. Gold. Bespoke.

Handmade Sapphire Pendant

Originally a ring, now a beautiful sapphire heart shaped pendant.

Jewellery Commission. Diamond and gold leaf design. Bespoke one off creation. Cad cam.

A Diamond Leaf Ring Design

Our client’s jewellery remodelled into a new unique design.

Jewellery Commission. Blue Topaz and diamond ring. Hand made and hand assembled ring

Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

Our client’s rings and stone’s combined and made into one new design.

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