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Commission - The Journey : A Step By Step Process

Jewellery Commission. Amethyst and diamond pendant. Handmade for you. Bespoke jewellery.

A Handmade 18ct Pendant

A special birthday present, handmade by Martin.

Jewellery Commission. Mercer company bespoke one off brooch and pendant design. Yellow gold pearls and diamonds. Bespoke cad creation.

Mercer Pendant / Brooch

Designed and created for The Mercer Company. A one off pendant/brooch.

Jewellery Commission. Handmade gold ring set with an oval blue topaz. Handmade bespoke ring design.

Remodelled Gold & Blue Topaz

Our client’s old gold melted down and made into a new item.

Jewellery Commission. Remodelled jewellery into handmade bespokecufflinks. Diamond set. Family gold.

Remodelled Gold Into Cufflinks

Old gold and stones remodelled into two pairs of cufflinks.

Jewellery Commission. 22ct gold ingot made from customers existing gold jewellery. Jewellery redesign.

A Handmade 22ct Ingot with Hallmark

A selection of 22ct rings handed down, now combined into a solid ingot.

Jewellery Commission. Cad cam designed engagement ring. Sapphire and diamond ring. Palladium ring design.

CAD Designed Engagement Ring

A bespoke sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Jewellery Commission. Handmade emerald and diamond ring. Band ring. Palladium and yellow gold. One off jewellery creation.

Remodelled Jewellery Into A New Ring

A selection of mismatch jewellery, combined and transformed.

Jewellery Commission. Remodelled jewelleryinto a handmade ruby and diamond bangle. Bespoke bangle. One off.

Remodelled Jewellery Into A Bangle

Old gold and stones remodelled into a solid bangle.

Jewellery Commission. White gold and diamond band ring. Cad designed and handset diamonds. Bespoke ring.

Bespoke Multi Stone Set Diamond Ring

A very bling diamond ring. Designed on our matrix computer software.

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