Commission - The Journey : A Step By Step Process

A Handmade 18ct Pendant

A special birthday present, handmade by Martin.

Mercer Pendant / Brooch

Designed and created for The Mercer Company. A one off pendant/brooch.

Remodelled Gold & Blue Topaz

Our client’s old gold melted down and made into a new item.

Remodelled Gold Into Cufflinks

Old gold and stones remodelled into two pairs of cufflinks.

A Handmade 22ct Ingot with Hallmark

A selection of 22ct rings handed down, now combined into a solid ingot.

CAD Designed Engagement Ring

A bespoke sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Remodelled Jewellery Into A New Ring

A selection of mismatch jewellery, combined and transformed.

Remodelled Jewellery Into A Bangle

Old gold and stones remodelled into a solid bangle.

Bespoke Multi Stone Set Diamond Ring

A very bling diamond ring. Designed on our matrix computer software.